Guidelines – Charlie



Saturday night! You know what time it is?
CHARLIE time! Let the memories begin!

All you know about tonight is your destination, the rest will be history.
Make sure you are on the right side of it.
Tonight has the potential to be the best night of your life.
Play your part in facilitating that everyone else around you has the same chance! 

A whole universe reveals itself behind the door and the coat check and on the dance floor. Every game has its rules, so does this space, like every respectable house:

If you can dance together, you can live together – The old disco motto echoes.

CHARLIE welcomes everybody on the dance floor, who tries to dance better each time they hit the dance floor. Because the lessons learnt on the dance floor translate back into life. And leaning against the wall or sitting at the bar is still a dance! Who doesn’t want to be a great dancer?

Let’s remember that Disco, House and Techno, basically all of Club culture was born among the ostracised, in order to carve out a safe space for fabulous and fierce people to truly be themselves. We come together with the same goal: to be yourself, to be myself, to be ourselves and to be themselves. Live and let live! Be a part of a community! Let’s take care of each other. Let’s have each other’s backs in those few hours between sunset and sunrise, where we can create and shape new ways of being together by dancing and celebrating life! Every week we get to participate in a social experiment, where utopias in the dark can be practiced and rehearsed.

High Five!

A No means A No. Know when enough is enough. 
Don’t touch someone without asking. 
Don’t fight, you know it won’t be worth it in the morning. 
Be quiet, the neighbors are sleeping. 
Don’t hurt anyone, in any way. Simply don’t be a dick! 
Now, loosen up, come on in and have some fun! 
Know we are located in the basement, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help.
In case of emergency, reach out immediately to our staff.